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            Investor Relations


            Updated:2022/5/18 17:44:35

            On 17 May , the "Lucky Bird" AC313A, a large multi-purpose civil helicopter independently developed by AVIC Changfei, a company affiliated to AVICHINA, successfully made its first flight in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, which is the latest achievement in China's aviation emergency rescue equipment system. According to the plan, AC313A helicopter will be transferred from the trial production stage to the flight test stage, and it will obtain airworthiness certificate and start delivery during the 14th Five Year Plan period.



            AC313A is a 13-ton large multi-purpose civil helicopter with a beautiful and smooth shape. It has adopted wide-body fuselage structure, equipped a new engine model, enhanced power and life reliability of the transmission system, upgraded electromechanics, avionics, flight control and controlling systems, and added new airborne equipment such as helicopter health & usage monitoring system(HUMS) and rotor anti icing and deicing. The maximum external hanging takeoff weight is 13.8 tons, the watering capacity is 5 tons, and it can transport 28 passengers.



            AC313A helicopter meets the needs of all-weather and multi-purpose in China, which will effectively improve the aviation emergency rescue capability and high-quality supply capacity of domestic large-scale civil helicopters. With additional equipment like search lights, fire buckets, electric winches, air broadcasting devices and other mission equipment, this helicopter model is outstanding in fire fighting and search and rescue. At the same time, its excellent plateau performance can effectively make up for the gap in the demand for emergency rescue and material transportation in high plateau areas such as Tibet. After installing the emergency floating system, it can also perform maritime rescue tasks. in addition, according to the use needs of different customers, through customized design, it can also perform tasks such as emergency medical rescue, emergency command and comprehensive law enforcement, so as to better support the construction of aviation emergency rescue system in China.


            During the 2021 Zhuhai Air Show, Tibet Civil Aviation Development Investment Co., Ltd. signed an agreement on AC313A helicopter procurement with AVIC Changfei, which will be used for emergency rescue, cargo transportation and other tasks in Tibet.


            AVIC Changfei is an important helicopter research and production base in China. China's large transport helicopter was born in AVIC Changfei. The company has the ability to develop and mass produce multi variety, multi series and multi model helicopters and aviation product parts. Its main products include AC313, AC311, AC310 and other multi type helicopters.